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E.S. Smith

A reunion. An encounter with a first crush ~ "In A New Light" Out Now On Amazon - Borrow on Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime Happy reading ! myBook.to/InANewLight

3 hours ago

Callum Richardson

I'm looking for people to read and review my latest book "Pieces of Glitz" - you'll get a free copy! DM on my twitter - @PiecesOfGlitz for more information!

12 hours ago

Ian Cassidy

As the 40th anniversary approaches new information about the infamous Birmingham Pub Bombings has come to light.rnrnIan Cassidy’s latest novel Until You Get Caught contains sensational new material about the notorious events of 21st November 1974.rnrnDaisy the innocent heroine of Ian Cassidy’s latest novel unwittingly stumbles upon the terrorists’ preparations and finds herself caught up in the fallout from her mother’s passionate affair with the leader of the bomb gang.rnrnIncluding details that only an insider could know Until You Get Caught is a vivid and moving account of a young woman’s attempt to answer the question: rnrnHow can you love a man capable of that?rnrnAll that and coming of age in Birmingham in the 1980s.rnrnFinally the \'true\' story rncan be toldrnrn

1 day ago

Steve Downes

#comedy #fantasy There is no sure-fire way of getting Botolf-almost-Oxford students into a lecture. Many methods have been and are employed, creatively shall we say, by the teaching staff of the college over the years. The Head of Megalithic Scrutiny, for example, resorted to ambushing his prey (students) in their dorm rooms, making sure to lock the doors, bar the windows and block the chimneys (in an operation that took as much time and effort as the D-day landings) before commencing on the first of his eighty-eight lectures on the Dullness of Geology to Post Ice-age Mankind in Northern Europe. In 1868, a tired and bored Vice-Chancellor of Dragon Lore resorted to subliminal lecturing. Unfortunately the experiment wasn’t a success, but the late Vice-Chancellor is noted in the history books as the inventor of alphabetti-spaghetti. The current Interim Professor of Greek Illogical Thought went even further in his pursuit of the academic impartation of knowledge. He locked a group of ...

1 day ago

Annie Lang

Hi everyone...I'm a new member and my first children's book..."Bookworms Know Stuff!" was just released. Check it out...http://www.annielangsbooks.com

1 day ago

Gary James Roper

When four newly acquainted children accidentally stumble upon another realm, they are forced to go on a quest to find the keys to their survival. They embark on a journey into the unknown to overcome temptation and fight for their lives! Fantasy and reality collide in the tension of this supernatural realm. As these adventurers search for the truth, they are forced to work together to overcome their giants. They are about to have the time of their lives!

2 days ago

Ian Cassidy

my new novel out now on amazon ASIN: B00MMQNAYS Author central page- amazon.com/author/iancassidy http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00B36MN3C www.iancassidy.co.uk

2 days ago

Kari Nichols

Go check out Rogue--my first novel! A family of immortal assassins, a whirlwind romance, and a little bloodshed ... who could ask for more? http://goo.gl/3MrjzP

2 days ago

Danie Marie

Would love it if you'd read and review my debut novel. It's receiving 4 & 5 Stars on Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B00IB3ZCX8 www.facebook.com/DanieMarie.author

3 days ago

Nancy Szakacsy

Please read Hannah Was Here: DRESS an Alarm That Must Be Heard. Available online at Amazon, Authorhouse and Barnes and Noble in hardcover paperback and ebook.http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000915384/Hannah-Was- Here.aspx#.U_i7IDZFq8k.facebook

4 days ago

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