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Gary James Roper

When four newly acquainted children accidentally stumble upon another realm, they are forced to go on a quest to find the keys to their survival. They embark on a journey into the unknown to overcome temptation and fight for their lives! Fantasy and reality collide in the tension of this supernatural realm. As these adventurers search for the truth, they are forced to work together to overcome their giants. They are about to have the time of their lives!

13 hours ago

Steve Downes

NEW NOVEL part 2 of the Botolf Chronicles Temporal Tome is available from today http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M66K0UG get part 1 #FREE Cosmogonic Marbles http://www.amazon.com/Cosmogonic-Marbles-Botolf-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2SB1P4

22 hours ago

Callum Richardson

Looking for reviewers to read Pieces of Glitz, a gritty coming of age novel. Coupons for free downloads are available, tweet @PiecesOfGlitz to get involved.

2 days ago

E.S. Smith

A reunion. An encounter with a first crush ~ "In A New Light" Out Now On Amazon - Borrow on Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime Happy reading ! myBook.to/InANewLight

2 days ago

Callum Richardson

Pieces of Glitz is a gritty coming of age tale and is available to download on Kindle and Smashwords now! http://www.kindlemojo.com/bb/2014/07/26/pieces-glitz/

2 days ago

D.K. Ogans

Enter the drawing to win a free copy of "The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion:The Young King" Go to: http://biblioconnection.com/Just4Fun/GiveawaysContests

2 days ago

Suzette Brown

So honored and proud to have hit # 5 on Amazon yesterday, for Kindle - best sellers/elder care. Thanks to all !

3 days ago

H S Clark

PENSAMIENTOS SECRETOS Un Thriller Médico (Spanish version of Secret Thoughts) available now on Kindle: http://goo.gl/tAOL0L See the video: http://goo.gl/P75Qxx

4 days ago

Debbie White

Tomorrow only. The Salty Dog is FREE. Pick up your copy now, and please leave a review. http://amazon.com/dp/B00KDICM4Q

4 days ago

Vince Guzman

Available on Amazon for .99 cents http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LSX5JS6 You won’t find romance here. A man on the run realizes that one decision might be his last; the human body can lead to disaster for a group of men on a mission; a solitary, discrepant, individual comes to the conclusion that his life is exactly what it seems. Characters find themselves in dire situations as the fabric of their reality begins to rip and unravel, exposing a dark, disturbing world. One never knows where the pavement ends and the crumbling begins and what occurs when clarity descends, eliminating the veil between what was and what is.

4 days ago

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