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Catherine Taylor
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Profession: Author #204

I work on / with: in my head

I am: Self Published

I Read: More than one book a week

I am here to: Promote my Book(s)

I Write: Every Day

Preferred Format: Kindle, Print

I Read / Write: Action / Adventure, Thriller, Crime / Mystery, Romance, Series, Erotica

I also: Write Screenplays / TV

Current Work Status: Writing my next Book

I : Have 3 Books Published

Education: Bachelor's


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Catherine Taylor

New Zealand

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About me

I'm Catherine Taylor and I'm an erotic thriller Indie author from New Zealand and creator of five full length novels. The first book, The Finest Line, was published in August 2012 and went on to become #1 in Free Kindle Erotica in the US and France. It has been in the top 100 of this category for seven months in the UK. In December of that year I published the sequel A Line Crossed. It was received with huge praise from fans of the first book and has collected to date thirty five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. The third and final book of this series, A Line Drawn, was released in May 2013.

Readers fell in love with a secondary character who first appeared in A Line Crossed and I got numerous emails asking if he would have his own story. I took up the challenge and wrote Master which went to the Top 100 in erotica (Amazon UK) in the week of release (Jan 2014) In October 2015 I published the long awaited sequel Sins of the Master which was nineteen months of writing and research. The end result was an epic novel at 259,000 words and some very happy readers.

It has been an incredible year and publishing has become a dream come true. I've loved writing all my life and holding my own books is incredible. I also am a mad movie fanatic and am currently writing a feature length screenplay. Having got a Bachelor in Applied Media Arts and a Diploma in acting, film has been a big part of my life and I've been on both sides of the camera.
All this is with the support of my husband of thirty years, four children and a granddaughter. When I'm not writing or doing films, I love to spend time with my family and do a little genealogy research which has also been a passion for twenty years.

More about me and my books can be seen on my Amazon's author page : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Catherine-Taylor/e/B009Q638XA/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

 and on my website www.catherinetaylor.co.nz

I also made a humble attempt of making a book trailer for Master. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQcRmYrUcu0


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