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Erik Smalls
Posts: 2

My name is Erik and I am a new to this site. How did you develop your style when you where a newbie? Was it just natural for you? fficeffice" />

I read the genre of books that I enjoy writing; usually best sellers.

2015 Mar 20 04:03 pm |Quote

Danielle Freeman
Posts: 5
Well, my writing style just sort of developed naturally. I love anime and manga, and my prose writing is definitely influenced by them (as well as my visual art style). My other influences include film and Western comics and animation, which is why I tend to write from multiple POV's from time to time for a more cinematic effect.

In the end, I don't try to write like anyone else. Instead, I just do my best to put the stories in my head on the page in a way that (hopefully) sucks the reader in as well as a good movie or T.V. show.
2015 Feb 01 12:02:08 pm | Quote

Wallace Publishing
Posts: 2
I think my writing style just kind of developed as I went along. I just let my imagination flow on to the paper and then I looked back at it to see what I had. If I found I'd waffled a bit (I have a tendency to be too descriptive) I'd cut bits out. It just went from there.
2015 Mar 20 04:03:04 pm | Quote

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