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Gary Val Tenuta
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Profession: Cover Designer #104

I work on / with: Computer

I am: Self Published

I Read: 1 Book a Month

I am here to: Offer my Services

I Write: Several times a week

Preferred Format: Kindle

I Read / Write: Crime / Mystery, Paranormal


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Gary Val Tenuta

Seattle Washington United States

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About me

Hey Kindle authors! I'm a book cover designer with a special affinity for indie authors on a budget (I'm also an indie author, so I know how it is out there!). I create high quality, attention-grabbing covers, custom designed to reflect the essence of your book's story.

What do my customers think? See for yourself! Here are some unsolicited comments from indie authors whose covers I've had the privilege of designing:

"Please pardon my French (and momentary lack of professionalism) but.... HOLY S**T!!! You hit it right on the mark!!!" - Tamara Mayo (Owner/CEO Taevo Publishing, Author of Goddess of Flame)
"Thanks for a BRILLIANT job! I love your choice of printing machine illustration, the money in the jeans device, the typography, the overall colour scheme, and the total design concept. In a nutshell, it's utterly superb. You really are a graphics genius!" - Joey Moncrief (Author of The Money Press)

"This is just outstanding. The whole layout is beautiful. My wife is just gushing over it. If I never sell a copy of the book, I'll buy the book myself so I can have the cover art to enjoy." - David Echeandia (Author of The Avatar of Calderia)

"Excellent Gary, you've rocked my world again. I love it. You are a genius!!" - Jason Blacker (Author of The Lady Marmalade Mystery Series, Dust On His Soul, Money Ain't Nothin', Black Dog Bleeding, First Feature, Head Rush, Livid Blue)

"Your artwork is simply amazing! You really captured what I was aiming for. Thanks again!" - Mark Jarmon (Author of Monster Surf Tales and Other Stories and Poems)

"Hi Gary, thanks for the design. Really pleased with both. You have done a brilliant job." - Dave Williams (Author of Tubes, The Conclusioner)

"Your artwork is simply amazing! You really captured what I was aiming for." - Mark Jarmon (Author of Monster Surf Tales and Other Poems)

"Invasion From Fred is up on the Amazon site. Everybody's raving about the cover. So now I'm turning my attention back to Dog & Pony. I am putting this whole thing in your expert hands." - Richard Herr (author of Invasion From Fred)

"OMG, you are just so much AWESOMENESS!!! Thanks for all of these and especially for the 3D image with the jaguar, I love it!!!!!!!! I'm going to be happily and very proudly sharing it all over the interwebs this week!" - Rai Aren (Award-winning author of Secret Of The Sands, Destiny Of The Sands, Lost City Of Gold)

"Great job! Thanks for making the suggested modifications." - Richard Wesson (Author of Miss October Was A Friend Of Mine)

"Gary, you've done it! The cover is now just as I wanted it to be. Excellent! I wanted the cover to be as good as the one you did for Pilgrim's Banner, and you succeeded." - Tony Walker (Author of Pilgrim's Banner and Pilgrim's Traitor)

"Wow. You hit it out of the ballpark on the first swing... AGAIN!" - Hank Quense (Author of Tales From Gundarland, Falstaff's Big Advenure, Zaftan Entreprenuers, Zaftan Miscreants, Fool's Gold, Tunnel Vision, Wotan's Dilemma, Marketing Plans For Self-Published Authors)

"Thanks Gary. Its awesome!" - M. R. Mathias (Author of Crimzon & Clover, The Wardstone Trilogy, The Dragoneers Saga, and many other titles)

"You're the best and made the book jump off the shelf!!" - Scott Adlai Stevenson (Author of Scoundrels In Paradise)

"The cover looks great and my cousin (the author) loved it!" - Anthony Policastro, Publisher and CEO, Outer Banks Publishing Group

"I love your covers, especially mine, Night Corridor. Also Skye Dancer, Cold Case, Money Ain't Nothin'... But all your covers suit the particular book or story perfectly. You do excellent work, Gary." - Joan Hall Hovey (Award-winning author of Night Corridor, Chill Waters, Nowhere To Hide, Listen To The Shadows, The Abduction Of Mary Rose)

"Holy moly - that is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!! You always Blow. My. Mind.  I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!! (to infinity & beyond!!!!!) The layout, the dramatic effect, the overall stunning impression for an ancient Egyptian mystery is just perfection!!" - Rai Aren (Award-winning author of Secret Of The Sands, Destiny Of The Sands, Lost City Of Gold)

My current price structure:

1. Ebook (or paperback front cover only) ……………………….... $129.00*
2. Paperback (Front-Spine-Back) …………………………………. $179.00*
3. Dust Jacket for Hardback (Front-Spine-Back-Inside Flaps) ...…. $199.00*
4. Ebook + Paperback …………………………………………….. $199.00*
5. Ebook + Dust Jacket for Hardback …………………………...... $219.00*
6. Ebook + Paperback + Dust Jacket for Hardback**………….… $249.00*

* Payment required in advance via my PayPal account (GVTgrafix@aol.com)

All prices include a free "3-D" promotional image of the book for use on websites, Facebook and blogs.?? Here are two examples:

The Hood of Aalayfa photo Hood_3-D_Promo copy_zpsar84zg3v.jpg
Ash tag line pic photo Ash_TaglinePic4b_zpsf0e0cf46.jpg

••• Contact me at GVTgrafix@aol.com or visit my website to see dozens of examples of my work. Looking forward to hearing from you. THANKS! •••

book cover samples photo BookCoverSamples5_zps4vfahpkh.jpg

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