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John Pirillo
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Profession: Author #1080

I work on / with: Computer

I am: Self Published

I Read: 1 Book a week

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I Write: Every Day

Preferred Format: Print

I Read / Write: Action / Adventure, Thriller, Crime / Mystery, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Series, Poetry


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John Pirillo

Las Vegas Nevada United States

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About me

John is a successful writer and teacher, who has been doing both for decades now. He has entertained both young and old with his adventures in whimsy, and plans to do many, many more such adventures as time marches on.

He has a great love for all living creatures, even people, who are sometimes not so lofty, nor so kind as most animals are.

He has two birds he loves a lot, and both of whom love to swing on his fingers as he sings to them.

He attended Disney's school in California, the California Institute of the Arts, where he got a Master of Fine Arts in Experimental Animation, another area of love for this man.

He currently lives in Las Vegas, which has been good to him and his friends over the years.


Free story
Hi! I'm having a free day for my story Time
Nuggets and Public Domain Books
Hi Everyone, I've added two new sections to my blog: Nuggets
Escape to Adventure
I thought I'd post some of my online novel here
The Gray Factor
I call it that because when we over think the

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