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Peter BB Davis
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Peter Bb Davis

Dulwich London United Kingdom

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Peter BB Davis


Here's the opening to my latest crime/thriller novel set in Miami. Be interested in any thoughts. Kindest Peter Davis

????????????????????????'Butchery Row' by?P.BB. Davis?


610 W1OD News Radio Miami reported: ‘…despite an ongoing police investigation little is known about a young woman whose body was found floating in the Miami River at Brickell Key..’


Miami-Dade County, The Morgue Bureau (“decomp” morgue) February 15 14:00hrs

The morgue technician unzipped the body bag.

Inside lay the mutilated corpse of a young woman her puffy decomposed flesh a mix of alabaster white and mottled purple. Nervously threading her rosary Eva Golancz gasped, faltered slightly and made a sign of the cross. A tall, elegant woman, her handsome features etched with pain she reached into the sleeve of her brocade jacket and produced a black lace handkerchief.

‘She was so beautiful, you know. So very beautiful.’

Her lower lip trembled as she closed her eyes for a moment in silent prayer. Wiping away tears she uttered a long, mournful sigh.

?‘When can I take her?’

Investigation's going to take some time, Mrs Golancz. We’ll notify you soon as we can.’

She nodded and wiped her mouth with her handkerchief.

‘I understand.’

He motioned to the technician. She watched as he zipped-up the body bag and returned her daughter’s body to the cooler.

‘Her father and me, we come to America full of hope,’ she said quietly, her voice breaking with emotion. ‘We want so much for her and her brother Mikhail to have better life. Now they are taken away from me. All are gone.’

Lightly taking hold of her arm Creasey gently ushered her into the corridor and took a card from his wallet.

‘If you need or think of anything, just call me, okay – anytime.’
Taking the card she held out her hand.

‘Thank you, Sergeant. You've been very kind.’

Her handshake was surprisingly firm. He couldn't help but sense a strong will, borne inevitably out of personal experience. The will to remain dignified, even in the most extreme circumstances. Putting the card in her handbag she walked towards her priest who was waiting for her holding her raincoat. An imposing figure with a full grey-white beard he outstretched his arms. At which point she broke down sobbing. Comforting her and holding her steady, as though she were about to pass out at any moment, he helped her on with her raincoat and as a roll of thunder broke outside guided her to the exit at the end of the corridor.

The morgue hummed with a quiet activity. Creasey found a seat and checked his cell phone. Experience never made it easier. In fact if anything he found the ability to remain detached had, in some cases, lessened over the years. And there was something about this case. It was the sickness surrounding it. Like an insidious virus which seeps into the system and manifests itself as pure evil. That compels you to go and find the one you love, hold them tight and never let them go. And yet you remained detached. You had to. No other way. It was a job. Sometimes you did it better than others. Then again he was soon to retire and this could all yet become academic. But until such time and in this particular instance the murder of Maria Golancz had deeply affected him. He was about to call in to confirm her identification when the technician brushed past him in a hurry.

??????????? ‘I’m needed in X-ray Sergeant, we done?’

??????????? ‘Yeah, thanks. We’re done.’

??????????? ‘Nice lady. Real Shame. Hope you get ‘em.’?

‘We will,’ Creasey said to himself. ‘So help me.’

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ~~~

Miami-Dade Police Department, Homicide Bureau, November?12 11:00hrs.?


Present: Lieutenant Leroy Merlin, Detective Sergeant Franklin Creasey.

Case No: #322893Y/Maria Helena Golancz.
Suspect: Leonardo ‘pretty boy’ Peluso

Attorney: Arnold Schoonfedder of Schoonfedder Law Associates.


Arnold Schoonfedder studied the witness statement whilst his pudgy, baby-faced client lounged arrogantly in his chair, his intermittent sniffing betraying a high-dollar cocaine habit. Eventually he looked up. His small piercing eyes narrowed.

?‘What is this? Some kind of a joke?

?‘No joke, Mister Schoonfedder.’

Creasey quoted from the statement.

‘At approximately one-thirty a.m. on August fifteenth Viktor Saerbardo saw your client arguing with Maria Golancz outside The Paradise Club on Dixie Highway where she worked. She was distressed and ran off, followed by your client. Which was her last known sighting.’

‘Very interesting. Any other witnesses? Corroborating evidence? Correct me if I’m wrong but Dixie Highway can get pretty busy.

?‘The statement was taken under oath.’

?‘Since when has a low-life like Saerbardo had anything to do with the truth?’

Schoonfedder scoffed. ‘A convicted felon. A pimp. Say anything to discredit my client. Let me tell you Sergeant, I got six, six witnesses who will testify under oath they were with my client all night at a birthday party at south beach apartment.’ He sat back and placed his thumbs in the waistcoat pockets of his hand-tailored, mohair suit. ‘If you want my opinion gentlemen, six-to-one ain't great odds. Judge'd throw it straight out. And you know it.’

Creasey bristled and looked at Merlin.

‘I think we’re best hearing that from your client, Mister Schoonfedder.’ Merlin said.

Schoonfedder hesitated and conferred briefly with Peluso.

??????????? ‘Very well, Lieutenant.’

Creasey continued.

??????????? ‘Where were you between midnight and two a.m. on the night of August fifteenth Mister Peluso?’

??????????? ‘At a birthday party.’

??????????? ‘Whose birthday party?’

??????????? ‘Joey Rosso’s’.’

??????????? ‘How old was Joey Rosso?’

??????????? ‘Joey was..er..thirty-eight.’

??????????? ‘Thirty-eight.’

??????????? ‘Yeah, thirty-eight, I just said.’

???‘Where was this party?’

???‘Joey’s apartment.’

??? ‘Address?’

?? ‘Uhm..415, 1211, West Avenue’

?? ‘Who own the apartment?’

??? ‘Joey. It’s his apartment.’ ’

??? ‘He owns it?’

??? ‘Yeah, it’s his apartment.’

??? ‘Does he own the property?

??? ‘What the fuck is this? Sure he does. It’s Joey’s apartment.’

??????????? ‘Let me put it this way Mister Peluso. Is the property owned by Mario Castellano?’

Peluso sniffed and shifted uneasily in his chair, wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

‘This is a pre-interview, Sergeant,’ Schoonfedder said intervening.’ Who owns it is immaterial to the facts. My client doesn’t have to answer.’

Creasey continued.

‘What time did you arrive?’

‘Maybe..round six.’

‘What time did you leave?’

‘I stayed.’

‘You stayed?’

‘Yeah, I stayed.’

‘How long?’

‘All night.’

‘All night?’

‘Yeah, all night’

‘You never left the apartment?

‘No. I never left.’

‘Who else was at this party?’

‘Friends of mine.’

‘What were their names?’

‘Jimmy, Frankie uhm..Ritchie..’

‘Their full names, Mister Pelsuo.’

Peluso referred to Schoonfedder, who nodded.

‘Uhm…Jimmy Bresno, Frankie Agosti..uhm..Ritchie Cola, Vinnie and Paulie Santoro and..uhm..er,’ he mumbled and paused confused as though counting with his fingers.


???????????‘Yeah, yeah Joey.’?

??????????? ‘No one else?’

??????????? ‘No.’

??????????? ‘These friends of yours’, they’re each willing to testify?’

‘Yeah, sure they are.’

‘You were with them all the time?’

‘Yeah, all the time.’

‘You never left?’

‘No, I swear,’ he said placing his hand on his heart. ‘On my mother’s life.’

His gesture elicited a wry smile from Creasey.

‘Do you deny being with Maria Golancz between midnight and two a.m. on the night of August fifteenth, Mister Peluso?’

‘I’m tellin’ you. I was with the guys. All of the time. All of the night.’

‘Isn’t it the case she wanted out? She’d agreed to go with Saerbardo. And you decided to teach her a lesson?’

‘No! I never fuckin’ seen the bitch. No fuckin’ way did I leave Joey’s apartment.’

Schoonfedder placed his hand firmly on Peluso’s arm.

‘Be very careful, Sergeant,’ he snapped. ‘I need hardly keep reminding an experienced officer like yourself of the terms of a pre-interview. I’ve agreed to recorded testimony on behalf of my client who has appeared voluntarily. Fact of the matter is, either you’ve evidence against my client, and you charge my client. Or we're out of here.’

‘Alright, Mister Schoonfedder,’ Merlin said removing his glasses with an air of resignation. ‘We’re well aware of the terms of a pre-interview. We’re prepared to consider your client’s testimony.’?

‘Wait a second, Lieutenant.’ Creasey produced an autopsy image of Maria Golancz and pushed it towards Schoonfedder. ‘I've been with Homicide for close on thirty years and believe me when I tell you I thought I'd seen just about every disgusting, distressing sight there was to see. But none even came close as finding the body of Maria Golancz after one sick, son-of-a-bitch had finished with her.’

‘If that’s an accusation, Sergeant. It’ll cost you your badge.’

Peluso’s smirk wasn’t lost on Creasey.

‘Not so much an accusation, Mister Schoonfedder; ‘statement-of-fact.’

Schoonfedder rose from his chair.

‘I've heard enough of this bullshit.’ Gathering up the documents on the table he threw them contemptuously into his attaché case and snapped it shut. Merlin glanced irritably at Creasey and spoke into the tape machine.

‘Four forty-six p.m. For the purpose of this pre-interview Lieutenant Merlin requests Sergeant Creasey withdraw his remark.’

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