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R.W.Van Sant
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Profession: Author #3201

I work on / with: Computer

I am: Self Published

I Read: More than one book a week

I am here to: Promote my Book(s)

I Write: Every Day

Preferred Format: Kindle, iPad, Print, Other

I Read / Write: Thriller, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban, Other

I also: Edit Books, Design Book Covers, Promote Books, Blog

Current Work Status: Writing my next Book

I : Have 5+ Books Published

Education: Grad School


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R.w.van Sant

Albuquerque New Mexico United States

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About me

                  Published Works                       

Unity Captives 

Teller’s Cove 

Twisted Visions

The Messenger

           R.W. Van Sant lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife, two children, and two black pampers who were rescued from the dog shelter. 

 An eternal student, he has earned degrees and certificates  in general science, history, teaching and is now working toward a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Mostly R.W. is a writer. As a student of the darker aspects of the human condition, he prefers to write science fiction, horror and urban fantasy.

 Published short stories have appeared in the Storyteller Magazine, Victory News Press and Nth Degree e-zine.His novels and anthology are available on Amazon.com.

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